Every girl and woman dreams of a perfect hairstyle, but her idea of ​​ perfection isn’t always the same what Mother Nature actually has given her. Some women don’t like their natural hair color, some think the hair isn’t smooth and shiny enough, and some even want to make their straight hair curly and vice versa. On the contrary, fans of hair experiments often ruin the hair with dyeing and styling, so now they want to quickly restore it.


In such cases there are salon procedures, which can transform the hair beyond recognition: add shine, nourishment or straightening for a long time. Whatever you want to do with your hair, there’s definitely a way to get what you want. For better or for worse, the only thing that can’t be changed is the structure of your hair.


Hair botox and hair keratin are the most common treatment procedures (except for dyeing and haircuts). They can restore hair, give it a healthy shine and make the strands look healthy in general. Let’s have a look at the benefits of both these procedures.


Keratin Benefits

 - The effect of straight and shiny hair is visible immediately after the procedure and lasts about three months.

 - Hair doesn’t fluff or curl after the procedure.

  - Rather low - cost and affordable even for owners of long hair.

 - Keratin has a blue pigment in its composition. It helps blondes to get rid of yellowness.


Botox Benefits

 - After the procedure hair becomes soft and silky. You see the effect of salon treatment after each hair wash (even if you wash your hair only with shampoo and hair conditioner).

 - The procedure helps to cope with split ends.

 - Botox, as well as keratin, helps to neutralize the hair yellowness. However, not every botox contains the pigment for it.


We recommend you trying our Amazonliss Keratin as one of the most popular Nutree keratins. It contains hydrolyzed keratin, as well as natural extracts of cocoa and acai from the Amazon Valley in Brazil. Useful Amazonliss substances penetrate the hair cuticle, rebuild its structure, moisturize and restore damaged hair, giving it absolute brightness and maximum straightening for up to 6 months. It sounds like worth trying!

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