Health Risks of Keratin Hair Treatment

Finally, we can forget about keratin treatment containing formaldehyde. But as it’s known the effect of most of such treatments don’t last more than 4 weeks and they can’t hydrate your hair properly. But natural formaldehyde-free keratin treatment by Nutree la belle found the solution of the problem and offered their clients new product Amazonliss, whose effect can last up to 3 to 4 months. The treatment is able to make your hair shiny, strong and more manageable. The results of the procedure can vary depending on the hair structure, its current condition and usage of after treatment products. Amazonliss is totally formaldehyde-free which makes the treatment safe for its users. This product doesn’t contain any toxic components and is more resistant to humidity absorption. This brand new smoothing treatment provides stylist with more flexibility in terms of maintenance and styling in comparison to damaging formaldehyde-containing products.

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