When your hair is dry and frizzy, this is always a sign that it needs a lot of moisture.

What was done as a part of this restyle is not specified anywhere. But providing the stylist used such a chemical process as straightening, you may be certain that chemicals have made hair more porous. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner ought to be used already.

It is also recommended to add a special leave-in conditioner to the daily routine. Please take into account the fact that if you don’t expose your hair to soiling environments or your activities can make you sweat a lot, it is not necessary to use a shampoo every day. A conditioner is often everything you need to remove daily oil, product build-up and dirt.

To take care of your hair every day, I offer the following things:

Shampoo your hair when it necessary but do not forget to condition it every day;

Gently dry the hair with a towel, apply a modern leave-in conditioner and carefully comb it through the hair for removing tangles.

This all will be enough to rehydrate the hair and reliably protect it in the course of the styling process.

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