Soft and silky hair is healthy hair that requires complex hair care including procedures such as botox hair treatment at home. The modern lifestyle dictates its own rules, and poor state of ecology together with our bad habits make hair not only dry and brittle but also coarse and rebellious. So that you don’t face such hair problems, in this article, we suggest you check out all the factors that worsen the condition of the hair and find out the secrets of hair restoration. Keep on reading!
The main enemy of hair health is the daily use of a hairdryer. It dries out the hair and scalp, severely damaging your strands. To avoid this, you need to adhere to several rules:
- use a hairdryer no more than twice a week;
- when styling, don’t forget to use thermal protective agents (for example, Matrix Brass Off cream or Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in balm);
- dry only clean and a little bit (!) wet hair;
Protect your hair from UV
The sun not only dries hair but also activates the negative properties of styling products, many of which contain alcohol. This gives a double dehydrating blow to your hair. To prevent this, wear a hat or a cap in the solarium, on the beach, or just in the city. We also recommend you using leave-in products with sunscreen filters.
Use keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment
Hair botox treatment at home is a great procedure for your hair! You can also perform keratin hair treatment at home if you want to have not just silky and obedient hair but make it straight! We recommend using Nutree Bottox Expert and Amazonliss hair smoothing treatments!

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