We have already mentioned (for about a million times, though) that hair nourishment is super important if you want to protect your locks and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. However, there’s a problem that we’ve never mentioned before which is over-saturation. What is it and how can you prevent your locks from being over saturated? Check out this article and find it out! 

Oversaturating hair with conditioners, masks, and serums is just as bad as not using any of these products at all. Many cosmetic brands use silicones in their products. High-quality products consist silicones that are safe for the hair structure. Manufacturers of more affordable products use inexpensive silicone components. In this case, they accumulate on the hair, making it heavier, which leads to further hair breakage and loss. The same refers to overuse of hair oils. 

What do you need for proper (and sufficient!) haircare? Let’s see:

 - Vegan Home Care set consisting of shampoo and conditioner provides gentle scalp cleansing and restores locks without damage to nature. Besides, the conditioner makes your hair more nourished and obedient without weighing your locks down. 

 - Vegan Care Mask provides highly moisturizing action, making the locks shiny and healthy. Besides, Vegan Mask extends the smooth effect for a longer time.

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