Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 04 2022

How can you prepare your hair for winter?

Winter is not the best season for your locks, so you need to pay special attention to haircare. Under the influence of cold weather, wind and temperature changes, the blood supply in the hair follicles is disrupted. In order to preserve the health, elasticity and shine of your hair, you need to properly prepare it for winter. How? Find it out in this article!

Nutree Amazonliss Tanino

  • Wear a hat. Frost and cold constrict blood vessels, so the scalp doesn’t receive enough oxygen, and the hair starts to fall out.
  • Switch to the "winter" shampoo for hair. A high-quality "winter" shampoo has a special composition, thanks to which your hair will be protected and strengthened. Pay attention to Amazonliss Home care line! 
  • Use leave-in serums. To protect the hair from frost and moisture loss, apply a leave-in serum or spray after washing your locks.
  • Use nourishing hair masks at least once a week. You can prepare the mask yourself or buy a ready-made one at a store. 
  • Try comprehensive hair treatments that provide several actions at once. We recommend you trying the following procedures:

 - Amazonliss Tanino! It’s a formaldehyde-free one-step treatment with the amazing result that lasts up to 2 months. The key ingredient are tannins originated from a leguminous tree Tamarindus, indigenous to tropical Africa. Tannins are famous for restorative and moisturizing effects.

- Pro-Keratin Conditioning Gel by Nutree Professional. It contains Coconut Juice and Coconut Water that have excellent moisturizing properties. This product will revive even driest hair ever, making it shiny and moisturized again!