So, who actually needs purple shampoo and how does it work? Let's figure it out!

When we talk about unwanted yellowness, we are not talking about a range of golden, red, warm brown or wheat shades. We mean a rusty yellow-orange color that looks unnatural and isn’t attractive anyway. At the same time, it is quite difficult to get rid of it. Blondes understand what we’re talking about.

There are three main reasons for yellowness (and one solution which is a purple shampoo for blondes):

  1. You dye your hair from a darker and warmer shade to a colder blond color.

  1. You use hair dye incorrectly. This often happens at home.

  1. The reason is the natural process of oxidation, when hair follicles are exposed to oxygen.

Purple shampoo for blondes really has a rich violet color. Don’t panic, your hair isn’t going to have the same shade! According to the rules of coloring, purple pigments can block yellowness and help to maintain the cool shades of blonde for a long time.

After just a few uses, the hair looks ashier, the yellowness washes off. You will not see how it is washes off literally, but the hair will soon look fresher and brighter, as if immediately after hair dyeing. By the way, you can also use purple shampoo to maintain a trendy steel-gray shade.

Along with yellowness, one of the most common problems of blond hair is the instability of the pigment. Of course, frequent hair dyeing and toning affect the condition of the hair. In order to keep the beautiful shade as long as possible without toning hair again, use purple shampoo for blondes.

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