Blonde hair is the most vulnerable hair, as it’s almost fully deprived of any color pigment and is literally empty inside. That’s why it’s very brittle and dry. Blondes definitely know that all these problems only get worse in summer. 


We have already mentioned that Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert was exclusively developed for blonde beauties, however, what are the peculiarities of using it in summer? Let’s find it out!


First of all, let’s review the benefits of Blonde Bottox Expert:


  • Restoration of damaged blonde hair;
  • Deep hydration and nutrition of hair;
  • Anti-Yellow Effect;
  • Giving hair a platinum shade (if used regularly);
  • Smoothness and obedience of hair for up to 2 months.


Summer is a holiday season, so you will definitely visit some hot country somewhere by the sea. Sun, salty seawater, hot wind - all these factors can negatively affect your hair. However, there is a solution, even two of them! You can either use Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert before your holidays, so you can protect your hair from the above-mentioned factors, or perform the procedure right after your holidays in order to restore and revive hair. We recommend the first option, as it will allow you to literally save your hair and avoid new damages. 


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