Salon haircare procedures are an effective way to transform the appearance of locks and improve their condition for a long time. One of the most popular salon services is keratin straightening, with which even the most tangled and unruly hair turns into a perfectly smooth and shiny strands. In order for the result to be preserved as long as possible, it’s important not only to comply with the treatment technology, but stick to the proper home care rules. How long does keratin hair straightening last and how to prolong its effect? Find out all the answers in this article!


Why do I need keratin hair straightening?


In order to give hair smoothness and shine, the locks are treated with a special composition, the main component of which is keratin. This is a protein of natural origin — 90% of human hair consists of it. External and internal damages, bad habits, poor ecology, hair dryness lead to a decrease in protein in the hair structure, which makes hair to become brittle and inelastic.


To get the desired effect, a keratin composition is applied to the strands after which it’s treated with a flat iron. Thanks to this, liquid keratin penetrates deep inside the locks filling the voids of the hair, which provides hair elasticity and strength.


Keratin straightening is performed in order to:


 - straighten wavy and curly hair;

 - bring dull and lifeless strands back to life;

 - eliminate hair breakage and splitting;

 - facilitate hair combing.


After the procedure, there will be no need to use a flat iron, as the hair will have a silky and shiny appearance. Keratin hair straightening is a must for owners of curly and unruly strands.


How long does keratin straightening last?


Given that the procedure is performed professionally, the result is preserved from 2 to 6 months. The duration of the effect depends on how long the protein and care components will stay inside your hair without washing out of the hair shaft, after which the curls come to their usual state. 


By the way, keratin has the ability to accumulate, so after each procedure the effect will last longer! The most important thing in order for the amazing result to last is to be consistent and timely repeat the procedure. Consult your hairstylist that will tell you how often you should repeat the treatment, as each case is super individual and everything depends on your hair type and condition. 


What affects keratin treatment duration?


You need to understand some nuances of keratin straightening in order to avoid further disappointment. The hair structure in each case has its own characteristics.  The effect depends on how long your curls are, as well as on the frequency of hair washing and products used for it.


The owners of tough strands won’t have the long-lasting results after the first application, as after the first use of the shampoo, their curls will slowly go back to their natural state. With an average length, an important factor is the hair washing frequency. The less often you wash your hair, the longer the result will last (up to six months for the Brazilian keratin treatment).


The duration of the result depends on three parameters:


 - your hair type, density and length. On African curls, thick, dry and long strands, the effect won’t last long.

 - application technology. Different brand have different instructions, as is the straightening technology itself. This includes the rules for applying, sealing the composition and drying.

 - hairstylist’s experience. You should worry about how many successful keratin treatments they performed on the clients’ hair instead of wondering about their certificates as pretty often they say nothing at all.


How to prolong the effect of keratin treatment?


How long does hair keratin effect last? In many ways, the result depends on home care, which involves the following rules:


 - if the procedure is carried out according to classical technology, then you shouldn’t wet your locks for three days. During this time, the keratin is fully absorbing into the hair shaft. Getting wet can lead to its washing out. In turn, this has a negative effect on the overall result of the treatment itself;

 - during this time, don’t use a flat iron or curler, elastic bands or hairpins. Don’t make up braids and tails, give preference to loose curls.;

 - don’t do hair dyeing in two weeks after the treatment, use dyes without ammonia;

 - wash your hair only with a sulfate-free shampoo. The fact is that aggressive components lead to the washing out of keratin from the hair shaft;

 - use keratin hair mask to preserve the effect. Such “cocktail” with protein and care components softens and nourishes the strands, preserving the effect of smoothness and gloss.

 - use only high-quality keratin straightening products. For example, Nutree has several keratin product lines such as Amazonliss, Tanino, Pro Gel, Vegan Care, Unique Step, etc. Each lady can find suitable treatment according to her preferences and hair type. Make sure that you choose products of super high quality!  


Besides, there are several factors that negatively affect your locks after keratin treatment. We recommend you avoid them to prolong the keratin affect. Among them are:


 - hard water (it’s better to use purified water, if you have tap water filters);

 - sea water;

 - poor-quality hair comb (choose yours according to your hairstyle);

 - ultraviolet, especially from sun rays which are especially dangerous in the middle of summer in tourist regions;

 - low-quality haircare products;

 - dyes containing ammonia and formaldehyde.


You can affect how long the effect of keratin hair restoration will last! The use of sulfate-free shampoos and masks will keep the long-term effect as long as possible.

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