Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step is a brand new innovative procedure, providing ultimate beauty of your hair! You don’t need anti - residue shampoo this time, can you imagine this? Besides, the whole procedure became as comfortable as possible - you won’t inhale poisonous formaldehyde fumes anymore! Along with all the above - mentioned bonuses of the Unique Step, the amazing smoothing effect will last up to 3 months.


500 ml of the product are usually enough for 12 procedures. However, if your hair is thick and long, this may be enough for 6 - 8 procedures. As this is a one-step procedure, you can use one bottle pretty economically, however, you’d better apply enough amount of product on each hair strand, as if you won’t apply enough, you won’t get a perfect result.


The whole procedure is very simple. Check it out!


 - Apply Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing right on your hair and leave for 40 minutes. No need to wash your hair before it!


 - Rinse your hair, leaving approximately 50% of the composition. Blow-dry your hair and divide it into 4 strands.


 - Use a flat iron on each strand for 5-7 times. Set the temperature between 180 - 230 according to your hair type.


 - This step is optional. If you feel that there is still some product on your hair, feel free to wash your hair with shampoo and blow-dry it.


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