How often do you need to repeat keratin treatment?

Keratin straightening is an innovative procedure that makes hair super shiny, obedient, and healthy. Many women all around the world choose keratin straightening as their #1 haircare treatment. However, in order for your hair always to be nice and neat, you have to repeat the procedure regularly. How often should you do it and what factors affect the frequency of procedure repeats? Keep on reading this article and find it all out!
Let’s find out the frequency of procedure repeats on the example of Brasil Cacau keratin straightening. It lasts up to 6 months. This is the longest period, as a cheaper keratin treatment doesn’t provide such a lasting effect. Thus, if you are lucky enough, you will need to do the procedure 2 times a year, however, usually, 3-4 procedures are required for the best result.
The duration of the keratin straightening effect depends on many factors. Keratin has a cumulative effect. If you do the procedure for the first time, the duration of its effect won’t be 6 months, but the effect of each following procedure will last longer and longer! Besides, the following factors affect the duration of the keratin straightening effect:
• hair structure;
• hair length;
• initial hair condition;
• hair care after keratin straightening;
• frequency of hair washing;
• frequency of hair dyeing.
Don’t forget about the use of sulfate-free shampoos that can prolong the keratin effect. Sulfate-free shampoos carefully treat thin keratin film around each thin hair. Regular shampoos which can be bought in every supermarket wash off this film, worsening the condition of your hair. The longer keratin stays on your hair, the longer its protection against environmental influences will last. Therefore, many popular companies produce shampoos for home use that don’t contain sulfates.

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