If your dream is to have brilliant healthy hair, the simple keratin treatment can make it come true.

1. Pre treatment

The first step is to wash hair with purifying shampoo in order to open up the hair cuticle

2. Dry

Dry hair with a blow-dryer

3. Treatment

Before using, don’t forget to shake the bottle. Pour about 2-3 OZ of Keratin Treatment into a bowl. Spread it on hair with brush using ½’’ sections.

Comb through all sections using a fine-tooth comb until hair is totally saturated. Do not apply too much treatment. If there some solution is left on the comb, remove it with a towel.

Be sure that the solution is evenly distributed.

Put hair in a cap.

If hair was chemically-treated or damaged, let hair absorb the solution for 10 minutes. If you deal with coarse hair, the absorption will take about 20 minutes.

4.Cool Dry

Make hair 90% dry

5. Flat Iron

Divide hair into 4 sections, using a heat resistant comb. Using a 230°C (200°C for damaged hair) flat iron, start from the back of the head, taking 1/8 inch sections. Slowly move the iron from roots to ends 5-7 times ((7-10 times for very curly coarse hair) infusing the Keratin Treatment into the hair shaft.

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