Many salons all around the world are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People stay home being in a state of self - isolation. However, many salon owners just wonder what protective measures in the salon can be taken for it to keep on working without a major risk for stylists of being infected. Let’s find it out in this article!


We strongly recommend you not to provide any salon services this time. There is no protective measure that can 100% protect you and your clients from coronavirus! We can only make up a list of things which you can do after the quarantine will be over but the risk of infection somehow will stay for a particular period of time.


  1. Work only in special protective masks. In fact, you should’ve worked in them even before the quarantine. Change them every 2 hours in order to provide the best protection. The same applies to the use of latex gloves.


  1. Offer your client a protective mask and a pair of gloves. This way he will feel much safer even psychologically.


  1. Ventilate your salon every 2-3 hours. You can either open the window or use a conditioning system. Try to maintain fresh clean air in the salon, it’s very important.


  1. Use alcohol-based wipes of hand sanitizer every time you touch the doorknobs. Don’t touch them without any necessity.

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