Blow-drying your hair has long ago become an ordinary procedure. However, the beauty of your hair depends on how effectively and correctly you do it. What are the tips that will help you to blow dry your hair right? Check out this article and find them out!
First of all, always start brushing your hair from the hair ends - this will help you to gently untangle your hair without damaging it and tangling it with a hair dryer even more. Besides, don’t forget to use heat protection products. Another main point is your hair type. There are different ways of blow-drying your hair and you should choose the one considering the peculiarities of your hair.
If you have straight hair, take a light balm and apply it to slightly wet strands. Quickly dry the roots of your hair with a hairdryer, separating the strands. Then go over the entire hair length once and let it dry naturally.
If you have curly hair, apply moisturizer to your curls. Use a hairdryer diffuser to half-dry your hair. Then use a brush or hand to shape the curls and let them dry naturally.
If you have thick hair, rub some styling cream in your palms and apply it to your hair. Then divide the curls into four equal parts and twist each into a small strand. Secure the strands with a U-shaped hair clip. Let down your hair when it is almost completely dry and finish blow-drying.
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