They say that blondes have more fun than brunettes. Why does it happen like that? Perhaps because it is easy for them to change their hair color using just some toner!

There are so many different options available for blondes! You can get a cool ice blonde or gentle pink or even stylish rose gold tone. You can play with your hair color, just imagine that you are an artist! The best advantage is that the toner is temporary, so even in case if your experiment goes wrong or you get tired of the new tone, it will disappear in a few weeks.

Our Blonde Bottox Toner mask is created especially for eliminating the unwanted yellowish tone. It has the truly unique Formula combining Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the Power of Almond Oil. Get our Blonde Bottox Expert mask if you want to get the long-lasting blonde color. Besides, our mask helps your hair to achieve the platinum effect, moistures and smoothes it. Sleek hair with no frizz, what can be better?

The Blonde Bottox Toner product has a cold platinum blonde 9a color toner. If after the use you see that your hair has the unwanted blue or purple color, wash the hair using some hot water and your usual shampoo for 2 times and use the conditioner after that.

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