Treatments for maintaining your straight hair Keratin hair treatments are becoming increasingly popular for those that want silky, smooth hair.

These treatments help to straighten your hair and prevent frizz, so you can achieve smooth hair without having to spend an hour getting ready in the morning. The treatments can last anywhere from a week to several months, depending on the texture of your hair and the hair care habits that you use. If you want to ensure that your hair remains straight for as long as possible, use the following tips for maintaining your keratin hair treatment.

Choose the Right Type of Shampoo: The first step that you can take to keep your hair straight is to use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates or sodium. Sulfates can strip your hair of the keratin, while sodium is known to dissolve keratin. There are also shampoos that are specifically designed for people that have recently had a keratin treatment.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water and then use a cool rinse. Hot water will cleanse the keratin from your hair, limiting the duration of the treatment. Along with washing your hair correctly, make sure that you use the right styling products. Humectants can be used to help retain moisture, which may help lock the keratin into place.

Leave-in conditioners should contain protein. Try to find conditioners and styling products that contain keratin or collagen.

Avoid using hot tools on your hair. Hot tools cause unnecessary damage and decrease the effectiveness of the keratin treatment.

Use the tips provided to keep your hair healthy and ensure your treatment lasts as long as possible.

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