Split ends this is a kind of signal to the body that it lacks useful vitamins and other nutrients as well as and hair care. Poor Nutrition Too much food which is fried, spicy or fatty in nature as well as an excess of perspiration, all negatively affect the hair. Alcohol alsodestroys” all the B-vitamins and vitamin A in the hair, which makes it dry and brittle.

Unsatisfactory Hair Care

Obtain the correct shampoo for your hair type, use masks and hair balms and thoroughly wash the hair, removing all shampoo on rinsing. Do not leave the shampoo on the hair for prolonged periods (creates a greenhouse effect). Comb only dry hair.

Styling Versatility

Over-treating hair for beauty: Frequent dyeing of hair, styling, curling, chemical perm and other treatments can adversely affect the hair. Hair gel and similar treatments do not allow it to breathe, which causes the hair to become brittle and dry.

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