Word of mouth is a great source of attracting new salon customers. Despite all modern promotions means, word of mouth still works well. Word of mouth technology consists of 3 steps:
1. Exceed customer expectations;
2. Ask for recommendations;
3. Thank the client for the recommendation.
In this article, we will reveal another secret of word of mouth - how to teach your stylists to ask clients for recommendations and what are the peculiarities of talking to the clients.
Usually, the receptionist plays a key role in the recommendation system. He tells clients about coupons, events, promotions, master classes. However, we decided to approach the recommendation request from a different angle.
The client communicates with his master most of the time, he trusts him. That is why we suggest conveying the necessary information about discount promotions, as well as asking for recommendations through the masters. This makes it more likely that the client will hear you.
The thing is not to be pushy. If your master performed a nice keratin complex treatment or a botox hair treatment and he sees that the client is truly happy about the result, he may ask the client to recommend such a procedure to his friends and relatives!

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