Are you concerned that heat tools can harm your hair? Don’t worry! In this article we prepared some pieces of advice that can help you to avoid this problem.

1) Choose high-quality tools
Before buying a styler, make sure it is good enough and has an adjustable temperature switch, due to which you will be able to control the heat level.

2) Recover damaged hair
Don’t forget to use a conditioner after washing your hair.
3) Get rid of split ends
Generally, heat tools tend to damage hair ends most of all. In order to make your hair look strong and healthy, trim your hair from time to time.

4) Use heat protection products
If you are going to use any styler or a hair dryer, apply our heat protector spray and oil.
It’s recommended to use the spray before using a hair dryer and to use the oil before working with a flat iron. Following this simple rule will prevent you from having problems with your hair.

5) Apply Amazonliss keratin system. After using the treatment your hair will be smooth for a month. You may forget about heat tools for this period at all. Use the Keratin and enjoy the results!

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