Sometimes hair becomes so curly after chemical perm that it is impossible to comb it, so the result of the procedure does not meet your expectations. Some girls realize that they want to have smooth and straight hair again in several days after the chemical perm procedure. What should you do in such case: wear a wig until new hair appears, or endure your reflection in the mirror?

You should know that chemical perm is not a death sentence to your hair.

It is possible to straighten your hair after the chemical perm. This article will tell you how to straighten your hair with a hairdryer, a hair straightener, hair straightening tongs, and how to straighten your bangs.

How to straighten your hair after the chemical perm?

The hairdresser will offer you a chemical method to straighten your hair. You have to cover your hair with a special solution to do it. After that, the hairdresser will stretch your hair, straighten it using a smoothing brush, and secure the effect by using special varnish or gel. This hair straightening procedure is very harmful to thin split ends.

Hair straightening using a hair straightener

You can straighten your hair at home after chemical perm by using a hair straightener. Electrical hair straightener will fix the hair and straighten them with high temperature. The only things you have to do to straighten your hair are to grab small clumps of hair and carry the hair straightener from their roots to their ends. At the end of the procedure, you have to fix the result with varnish, wax, mousse or gel. The fact that after washing your hair you have to conduct the procedure of hair straightener hair straightening again is its disadvantage.

Hair straightening using a hairdryer

You can straighten your hair at home by using a hairdryer. Use the smoothing solutions, means for stacking or balms to gain a more durable effect. Appy these on your hair, tighten it and dry it with a hairdryer. Like the previous method, you have to repeat this method of hair straightening after chemical perm after each hair wash.

Keratin straightening is one of the gentlest hair straightening methods that is suitable even for hair weakened by the chemical perm procedure. Keratin makes the hair smoother and more obedient by smoothing the cuticles and protecting the hair from heat exposure.

The procedure of keratin hair straightening is quite simple. It involves applying a special solution to wet strands of hair and straightening them with a hot hair dryer. Usually, the effect of keratin hair straightening after chemical perm lasts from two to three months.

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