The spring is here and we can’t be more excited about it! All the snow has melted down and soon we will have picnics on fresh grass among blooming greenery! However, is your hair as lively and blooming as nature? If you need some post-winter hair care tips ASAP, say no more! Just read this article and everything will be fine, do you believe us?
After the cold winter, it’s no surprise that your hair, as well as your whole body, is pretty weakened, so it’s really vulnerable to damages. At the beginning of spring, we recommend you consult a doctor in order for him to help you choose the proper vitamin complex. Nowadays there are special complexes for women, restoring skin, nails, and hair. You have plenty to choose from, as the vitamin market has a great range of products today. Remember the most important vitamins for hair: A, E, C, D, B5, and B6.
If you didn’t use SPF-protection spray in winter, that’s half the trouble. Don’t forget to use it in spring when the sun becomes much more active. Use it in combination with keratin shampoo and conditioner for the best result ever!
Along with inner help to your hair, pay attention to some complex procedures reviving hair after winter. Keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment seem to be the most popular procedures! One of the best treatments is Nutree Bottox Expert. Its composition contains Marine Collagen, Glutamic Acid, and Almond Oil - the key ingredients that can do magic to your hair. It’s suitable for all hair types. The amazing effect will last up to 2 months!

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