Spring is already here, can you feel it?  What about a new hairstyle, that not just looks great on African American hair, but protects it from breakages and frizz? We suggest you trying spring twist as your brand new spring hairstyle! Check out our article for the step - by - step instructions.


The peculiarity of spring twists is using coily hair extensions in order to create a naturally springy hairdo. Such hairstyle suits each woman.


 You will need:


  • Spring twist braiding hair
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Rattail thin comb
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Scissors
  • Hair wax or styling cream


  1. Perform this hairstyle on clean and conditioned hair.


  1. Separate the hair from the package. Before twisting divide hair into separate strands. This step is optional because there are packages with pre-separated hair, allowing you to save time and effort on manual separation.


  1. Part your hair into 4 - 6 sections.  Remember that the bigger your part is, the more hair you will need and the bigger twist you will get.


  1. Take 2-4 strands of separated hair.  Apply styling cream to the hair roots of the small section of your natural hair. Take two strands of separated spring twist hair and place them as close to your scalp as possible. Start braiding this hair into your natural hair for about one inch, then finish braiding of the two strands.


  1. Remember that this procedure can be very time - consuming, so be ready to spend a whole day and not be in a hurry. Trust us, the result is worth such efforts!


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