Deep conditioning isn’t a brand new haircare life hack that will help you to make your hair silky. We recommend you deep condition your hair for one full day once a week or two to eliminate the cause of hair damage and dead hair ends. Wearing a shower cap all day long isn’t an option, so we have prepared three amazing hairstyles that will allow you to look your best even during this hair revitalizing procedure! All you’ll need are just bobby pins and elastic bands!


 1. If you have short hair — Pinned-up Pixie

Apply hair conditioner, then brush your hair to your favorite side. Make sure the sides of your hair lay flush against your scalp. The last step: secure your super stylish hairstyle with bobby pins!

 2. If you have medium-length hair — Ponytail

Part your hair down the middle, make a regular low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Make a braid out of your ponytail. Secure the hair right above your ears with several bobby pins in a fan-like ornament!

 3. If you have long hair — Bun 

A bun is always a win-win option especially if you have luxurious long hair. Make up a high ponytail and secure it with the elastic band. Secure the hair around your elastic band to create a voluminous bun. You can even make a triangle-like ornament with bobby pins!

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