It is necessary to achieve a lot more than just answering phone calls with the front desk. With the stylists’ help and some structure, you have a great potential to receive additional income by virtue of enlarging the average ticket. It is possible to use cross-selling, add-on and up-selling services in order to create a culture based on the idea of profit maximization.

Developing Trusting Relationships

It is possible to strengthen your relations with the customer and build trust by offering new services. Customers are a lot more willing to spend money on them. When you build trust, you will build loyalty to a tour company. Not only will loyal customers wish to order new services, but they will also recommend you to other potential customers.

Creating Necessary Scripts

Getting the lingo down will be possible with suggesting add-on services, cross-selling and up-selling during the dialogue. The necessary scripts will help you guide conversations. As a result, you will be a lot more convenient and confident.

For instance: ‘Hey, [Client Name], we are happy to offer you a menu of enhancements which pair with your services very well. One of our most popular articles is the Amazonliss Home Care Anti Frizz shampoo. It is extremely helpful in replenishing your hair moisture. This product also uses a sugar scrub which is helpful in exfoliating the scalp".

Implementation of Scripts

Besides using scripts, it is also necessary to understand the efficiency and benefits of retail and cross-sell opportunities as well as of add-ons. These benefits are increased productivity and average ticket. As a result, the bottom line increases as well. Please take into consideration that it is necessary to stay up-to-date all the time in order to be as successful as possible. Offer the latest services and the retail product.

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