We believe that any hair color is beautiful including gray hair, however, owners of such locks often want to make their shade more vivid and platinum. What’s the connection between a melanin deficiency and gray hair? Is there a way to maintain the beauty and health of gray hair? Find out all answers in this article!
A common cause of hair color change is loss of melanin. This substance takes part in the generation of a pigment called a melanocyte. It’s responsible for the natural color of hair and skin. The lower the melanin content in the blood is, the lighter the color of your hair becomes. 
According to research, gray hair has a minimal amount of melanin, and there is no melanin in bleached hair at all. The process of reducing the level of melanin is quite natural. Scientists claim that the likelihood of gray hair appearance after 30 years increases every decade by 20 percent.
However, now you have the opportunity to make even gray hair gorgeous and lively again! Our brand new Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Gray hair will give you healthier-looking hair in just few minutes, isn’t it a miracle? The protein in the composition of the mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture! 

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