Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 21 2022

Is your hair really growing faster if you timely cut it?

It’s believed that if you cut your hair once 2-3 months, then your locks will grow faster and be healthier. However, we know that many ladies doubt if it’s true because they don’t see the desired effect even if timely cut hair ends. Is it another myth or not? Let’s find everything out in this article!

Unfortunately, the frequency of haircuts doesn’t affect the speed of hair growth. Cutting the ends doesn’t affect the follicles, on which the hair growth depends. However, a timely haircut helps you to eliminate the problem of split ends and prevent them from further splitting. If you’ll combine a timely haircut with a mask that stimulates hair growth, then the effect will be just fantastic!

You know what? Our Length Extender mask will help you grow your locks 4 inches longer in just 3 months! Do you want to know how it works? g text.

Nutree Length Extender mask

Length Extender includes powerful proteins to strengthen and condition your hair. Among the key components there are also filler complex and burdock oil. You won’t find parabens or sulfates in the composition. What’s more, Length Extender Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types!