Keratin hair straightening at home - doesn’t it sound like a dream? However, dreams come true, especially in spring when everything awakes and revives from the long hibernation. In this article, you’ll find several useful tips that will help you to perform hair smoothing and straightening treatment at home!
Let’s review the whole procedure on the example of Amazonliss. This product line doesn’t contain any poisonous or dangerous substances, which means that this product is absolutely safe for users!
The composition of Amazonliss Nutree is enriched with natural ingredients, among which there are natural extracts of Cacao, Acai, Rice, Soya, Corn, and Wheat. Thanks to them, Amazonliss is suitable for all hair types.
How can you use Amazonliss at home? Here’s the instruction:
1. Wash the hair with Anti Residue Shampoo, leave it on your hair for 5 minutes.
2. Blow dry your hair leaving it just a little bit wet (your hair should be about 85% dry). Section the hair into 6 equal parts.
3. Apply the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment in one section starting from the base of the head.
4. With the hair dryer set to cold air, fully dry the two section without brushing. Repeat on all sides of the section.
5. Divide the hair into four parts and then flat iron the hair from 8 to 10 times. Adjust the temperature according to your hair type.
6. Rinse the hair. Apply the Intensive Repair Mask, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse again.
7. Blow-dry your hair.

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