It’s no secret that autumn season is quite stressful for our hair, as frequent rain, strong wind, high humidity, and synthetic clothes make our locks prone to damages. How can you protect your hair and give it a boost of vitamins? Check out this article and find it out! 


First of all, we recommend you changing your haircare routine. Start with the shampoo and conditioner — try Amazonliss Pro-Keratin Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner set! Enriched with Coconut Juice and Coconut Water, these products will restore your hair shine and make your hair elastic and strong this autumn. The shampoo will gently clean and revitalize your locks while the conditioner will protect them from seasonal dryness.


Next, you should pay attention to the effective long-lasting treatments instead of us using separate products the effect of which only lasts until the first hair wash. How about our Color Bottox Expert line? 


Brown Bottox was exclusively created for our amazing brunettes! A blend of highly nourishing specialized ingredients enriches the hair with vitamins, so it becomes shiny, moisturized, and renewed.


Red Bottox is a perfect solution for red and ginger hair. The main point is that this color depositing hair mask doesn’t dye your locks - it works from the inside and keeps the bright color of your hair! The therapeutic results are long-lasting, for up to 8 weeks!

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