The 2020 Academy Awards is widely known as Oscars is always a gorgeous ball of beauty and glamour apart from amazing films. For this fancy evening,  many celebrities choose haircuts and hairdos that later become the best trends all around the world. Today we will tell you about the best hair solutions from the Oscars 2020 red carpet. Here we go!

 - Charlize Theron is a red carpet diva, as her looks are always just unforgettable. For the Oscars 2020, she made her pixie cut super smooth, parting her hair on the side. So flattering!

 - Scarlett Johansson. A romantic and bold beauty at the same time. She preferred a loose bun with beach waves, leaving just a couple of strands by her face. Nice!

 - Penélope Cruz. Always a hot but still reserved woman. 45-year-old diva demonstrated absolutely sleek, straight hair, which is unusual for her, as she usually prefers curls. We love her changes!

 - Saoirse Ronan. The young and innocent star chose a messy bun with shaggy, wispy bangs. Bangs are the 100% trend of this spring, so we think that Saoirse’s choice is a bull’s eye!

  - Lucy Boynton is our ultimate choice and we are ready to explain why! We’re absolutely head over heels not just about her soft curled bob, that reminds us of old Hollywood, but about that pearl-studded accessory on her parting as well. Looks so extraordinary and chic!

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