Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 08 2022

Make your winter brighter with our Color Bottox Expert!

We know how hard it is to preserve hair health in winter but sometimes maintaining hair color vivid and bright can be even harder… How can you both protect your hair and prevent it from winter dullness? We have several individual solutions just for you!

Each of our clients is super unique, thus, each of you deserves separate product! Red, Brown, and Blonde Bottox Expert treatments are exactly what you need this winter for your locks to be hydrated and bright!

Our hair bottox products will give you healthier-looking hair in just few minutes. The protein in the composition of each mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture. These are completely natural products enriched with Almond Oil and Marine Collagen.

Nutree Brown Bottox Expert

Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert

  • Red Bottox is a perfect solution for red and ginger hair. The main point is that this color depositing hair mask works from the inside and keeps the bright color of your hair.
  • Brown Bottox helps chestnut and chocolate locks to become shiny, moisturized, and renewed while preserving the amazing shade.
  • Blondes are always pleased with the results of Blonde Bottox Expert as it not just helps them to protect their hair but eliminates nasty yellow shade!