Some people spend a lot of time and energy looking for a salon to which they could entrust their hair. However, there are those people who would rather do a haircut with their own hands than spend time looking for the perfect salon.
It's really hard to find a good hairstylist.
However, if you are a salon owner, you naturally want to stand out from many other beauty establishments and attract more clients. In this case, you just need to promote your beauty salon on the Internet. Here are a few marketing ideas to use to grow your customer base and maintain a high profile.
1. Offer referral programs with discounts
Once we find a hairstylist that we like, we are always ready to recommend him to our friends. Why not give your customers a small bonus for advertising and referring new customers to you? You can, for example, send an e-mail message or a postcard with a nice inscription.
2. Loyalty programs or loyalty cards
It is always useful to be able to do something pleasant for clients. A hairdresser that has been cutting the client’s hair for quite some time remembers when his sister got married and what business his brother does. Show your customers that you are not only listening to their stories - you are looking forward to them! Every 10 visits, give a discount for the 11th. Or, if a client has been visiting you for a long time, and the prices for services have increased, you can offer them an initial price. Customer loyalty is very important in any business. It worth you nothing to provide keratin hair treatment or botox treatment at the old price.
3. Show your experienced staff
Clients enjoy sitting in the lounge area and looking through magazines for some inspirational ideas. They also want to be able to point to any photo and be sure that the stylist is up to the task! Try to create an album with a selection of hairstyles done by your employees.

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