Nutree Cosmetics - Mar 1, 2023

Modern and effective eco haircare product!

We always support progress in any possible forms, especially those helping our products to become even more effective for natural hair! However, we remember that there’s nothing better for our locks than natural extracts! That’s why we created this modern yet effective eco mask that you’ll totally love! Meet our new Super Hair Food Mask - Deep Conditioning Cocoa and Banana.

This mask deeply regenerates even bleached damaged hair, eliminating the cause of hair breakage! The mask contains up to 98% natural ingredients and IS suitable for vegans! Deep Conditioning Cocoa and Banana fights structural damage, reviving even dead hair ends. 

Nutree Deep Conditioning Mask

Banana fights the dryness of locks and not only moisturizes the hair from the outside, but also maintains the necessary moisture level inside!

Cocoa provides hydration from the roots to the ends. This product is able to make every strand soft and shiny - just like your fave hair keratin!