We can’t but agree that we live in the age of modern technologies, however, this doesn’t mean that natural ingredients have lost their significance! There’s nothing that will produce a better restorative effect on your hair than components created by Mother Nature. What are the precious oils and extracts that Nutree products contain? Check them all out in this article!

Let’s start from our ultimate bestseller which is Nutree Amazonliss. This treatment provides hydration and nutrition while making your hair absolutely smooth! 

The composition of Amazonliss Nutree is rich with natural ingredients, among which there are natural extracts of Cacao, Acai, Rice, Soya, Corn, and Wheat. Thanks to them, Amazonliss is suitable for all hair types.

Another product is our super innovative 

Amazonliss Pro-Keratin Gel, the main peculiarity of which is its gel formula. Among the ingredients are coconut juice and water with excellent moisturizing properties. Besides, the Pro-Keratin Gel was developed with Balsamic Blend Poli-Hidroxi-Acid source, in special Gluconolactona, with high content of organic acids and natural antioxidants. All of them work for the sake of your hair’s beauty! 

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