Nutree Cosmetics - February 07, 2023

No flat iron is needed to perform Vegan Keratin treatment!

We know that many ladies use a flat iron as one of the final steps in keratin treatment at home. It seals keratin inside each thin hair, filling the voids and reviving your locks. However, did you know that you can achieve the same amazing result WITHOUT using flat iron? How? Find it out in today’s article!

Try Amazonliss Vegan Care home set that was specially created for home use, so you can easily carry out all the procedures at home, being your own hair care expert! Besides, you probably know that using a flat iron on hair with keratin composition on it can be problematic and inconvenient. Why not make hair smoothing treatment as comfortable as it has never been before?

Nutree Vegan Care will be perfect for dry hair and scalp that needs gentle cleansing. Plant keratin molecules (polysaccharides), due to their relatively small size, penetrate the hair structure better and act even more effectively! That’s why Nutree Vegan Care can eliminate almost any cause of hair damage!