Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair procedures all over the world.  However, if you want to achieve the best possible result, we recommend you prepare for this procedure. How? You will find it out in this article.


Firstly, before keratin hair straightening, you should dye your hair if you regularly dye it and your hair roots have grown out. After the procedure don’t dye your hair for at least 14 days as the aggressive hair dyes weaken the keratin effect. The best option is to dye your hair at least 10 days before the procedure.


Secondly, wash your hair but don’t style it before the procedure. This is necessary so that it would be easier for a hairstylist to determine your hair type and choose the best composition that suits your needs and is appropriate exactly for your hair type.


If you are blonde and you are worried about the nasty yellow shade of your hair, try Nutree Blonde Secret Shampoo. It will effectively help you to eliminate yellow and brassy shades before keratin straightening treatment.


Nutree Amazonliss Anti Residue Shampoo is the exact shampoo that will be used right before keratin straightening. Thanks to alkaline pH, this shampoo deeply cleanses the hair, removing all residues. This shampoo opens the hair cuticles for the main stage of Brazilian hair straightening.


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