Oily hair is a result of excessive secretion of the scalp's sebaceous glands. However, hair can be oily only at the roots, while the whole length and ends can be rather dry. Properly selected haircare products, correct hair washing, drying, and styling are the basis for beautiful and healthy hair. To make oily haircare even easier and more effective, reconsider your diet: eat less fat, more vegetables, and more fruits. Besides, you can try botox hair treatment and keratin hair treatment!
1. Wash your hair as needed and rinse your hair roots thoroughly. Use only warm water.
2. Before washing, comb the hair thoroughly.
3. Be sure to use a shampoo for oily hair and distribute shampoo from roots to ends.
4. Lather your hair twice to completely wash away the sebum.
5. Rinse hair with cool water.
6. If you need a balm, then avoid applying it to the roots. Use the product only along hair length and ends.
7. Choose silicone-free styling and haircare products. Silicone is literally the event of excessively oily hair.
8. Be sure to wash your comb with shampoo or even dishwashing detergent at least once a week (every day would be just perfect).
9. Try to avoid greasy, salty, and smoked foods, as these products increase the secretion of sebum.
10. Use water with lemon juice or vinegar for rinsing - it’s an excellent remedy for excess oil on the hair. You can also do rinsing with herbal infusions, for example, chamomile, calendula, oak bark, and other herbs and flowers with antiseptic and astringent properties.

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