Of course, each of us strives to use as safe and natural hair care products as possible. Considering the fact that lots of producers stopped using formaldehyde, lots of them still can’t give up parabens. Besides, there are lots of expensive paraben-free products on the shelves. What are parabens? Are they really dangerous after all? Find all the answers in this article!

Parabens are components that are used to combat the proliferation of microbes in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. They are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid, a natural substance found in many fruits and plants. Thus, parabens can be found in many organic products! 

In fact, at the moment there’s not a single study proving the harm of parabens as a cosmetic component. Parabens have been used in cosmetics for more than twenty years, they are safe for humans and effective in fighting bacteria and fungus in cosmetics. If you see this ingredient on the label of your favorite shampoo, don’t be afraid to buy it — parabens won’t cause any harm to your hair!

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