Of course, we are sure that you are familiar with such social networks as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, these media are not the only sources for your inspiration! Have you heard of Pinterest? If this question left you puzzled, keep on reading this article!
What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a visual tool for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. You can both find inspiration and become a source of it on just one platform!
With millions of pins on Pinterest, you can always find the one that inspires you. Save your favorite pins to boards to help you organize and find ideas easily. For example, you can have different boards for hairstyles and hair dyeings, which is very convenient!
Check your feed
Based on your actions on Pinterest, the feed shows pins, users, and businesses that you might be interested in. It also displays pins from boards and user profiles that your subscriptions are associated with.
You can search for pins by keywords. Try typing “hair” in the search bar and you'll be presented with ideas related to hair decorations, hair dyeings, hairstyle ideas, and more. Save ideas, bring them to life, and share pins!
Pins are files that Pinterest users use to save ideas they like. Pins can be images, videos, or products. Clicking a pin takes you to a website where you can learn how to make or buy what appears on the pin. Once you find your favorite pin, save it to your board using the Save button.
You can create your pin and show Pinterest users what you got. Have you taken a great photo with beautiful hair dyeing? Add a photo to your pin, post a comment to tell users how you achieved this hair color, or write helpful tips.

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