Nutree Cosmetics - Jan 26, 2023

Price range: how does your hair length influence the cost of keratin treatment?

You probably noticed that the longer hair you have, the more your have to pay for a keratin hair treatment. How much does a keratin treatment cost and how can you SAVE on such a treatment? Find everything out in today’s article!

On average, you’ll have to pay from $82 to $400 for a keratin treatment in a US beauty salon. Let’s imagine that the average price for a treatment is $200.

If you have short hair (above shoulders), then lucky you are - you’ll have to pay the lowest price - approximately $160. Those with mid-length hair (at the level of shoulders) will have to pay about $180. Ladies who have long hair (shoulder blade length) can get such a treatment for $200-210. Long-haired beauties will have to shell out - keratin treatment for them will cost $230-250.

Nutree Amazonliss Tanino

Of course, prices for a treatment performed on long hair and short are quite different. We can’t even describe how much more advantageous it is to perform home keratin treatment.

For example, the cost of Tanino home kit: $25.99 (60 ml) — it will be enough for 1-3 treatments. $25-30 for up to 3 amazing safe treatments that can be easily done by your at home WITHOUT flat iron — isn’t it just a dream?

Tanino is a one step treatment the key ingredient of which are tannins. You won’t need flat iron as well. The effect lasts 2-3 months. What’s more, this hair smoothing treatment is perfect for pregnant women.