We live in the age of beauty progress, thus, now only one product is enough to replace several haircare treatments! We mean exactly Nutree Pro Keratin Gel Mask! However, what are the key ingredients of this treatment? Are they safe enough? Check it out in this article (spoiler: you’ll be satisfied)!

Pro-Keratin Gel Mask, just like all the rest Nutree products, contains several precious ingredients. This product is enriched with coconut water and balsamic blend with high organic acids content and natural antioxidants. They let your hair stay super hydrated and textured. Besides, such ingredients slowly repair your hair fibers providing full hair restoration! 

Are you excited for the results? Try out the whole gel keratin line! The unique formulas of these products were developed with Balsamic Blend Poli-Hidroxi-Acids source, in special Gluconolactona, with high content of organic acids and natural antioxidants. They won’t just seal the hair cuticles but bring back hair shine and restore hair strength!

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