Amazonliss Unique Step has been created for disciplining, smoothing as well as straightening the hair. Smoothing Brush is soft working keratin which does not cause discomfort or caustic evaporations. It is a formaldehyde-free one-step keratin program.

The product formula is easily fit into the hair structure, disciplines and smoothes the hair volume and creates a weightless micro net (screen), securing the protection from the dangerous environmental impact.

Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush includes the hydrolyzed proteins of wheat and oats which have an antioxidant capacity and increase the regeneration of the damaged hair structure. The lactic acid struggles with the fraying and helps to restore the natural hair density. This happens thanks to the change of the ion charge from positive to negative which decreases the static electricity in the hair. Panthenol and the wide spectrum of oils are responsible for the intensive hair nutrition and wetting.

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