Of course, you heard much about keratin hair treatment, but what about protein hair straightening treatment or so-called Brazilian blowout? Being developed in 2005 in Brazil, this treatment works magic and justifiably has its own fans across the globe.

What are the differences between Brazilian blowout and traditional hair straightening methods like keratin t treatment? First of all, with the help of protein hair straightening treatment, one can achieve quite different results

We’ll explain. You can flat iron your hair at different temperatures to achieve the exact look you want! For example, if you don't want to fully straighten your hair, then you can just set the particular temperature on your flat iron in order to receive smooth and shiny waves (not straight hair!) when the treatment is all done.

Another difference is that you don't have to wait for 2-3 days before making different hairdos (as in case of keratin treatment). You’re free to style your hair any way you want right after the treatment. 


 1. What is the Brazilian hair protein?

Brazilian hair protein treatment isn’t the same as keratin hair treatment, although many people believe that these are two similar treatments. Brazilian blowout was developed using a plant based amino acid as its active ingredient as well as substances equivalent to the pH of your scalp. It means that there are no keratin in the composition of protein hair treatment straightening. Brazilian blowout forms a thin protective coating on each thin hair, however, it doesn’t penetrate or seal your hair like keratin.


2. What are the benefits of Brazilian protein treatment for hair?

Well, Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment have almost the same effects on hair: smoothness, elimination of frizz, shine, and obedience. If performed correctly, these treatments are suitable for all hair types and can be performed on dyed hair

However, apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Brazilian blowout can increase the balance between acids and alkalis in your hair and support the integrity of each lock by protecting it. Besides, Brazilian blowout can be used by pregnant and lactating women (however, consult your doctor first) and has a natural composition without formaldehyde. Of course, we mean only high-quality products.


3. How to use Brazilian hair protein?

There’s nothing difficult in performing Brazilian hair treatment at home, as all steps somehow resemble the steps of traditional keratin treatment

First of all, your hair should be washed with a special cleanser. Then you should towel-dry your locks and divide into 4-6 sections. Then measure the solution according to your hair length and density, and apply the treatment onto wet hair with a brush. Leave it like that for 30 minutes. Don’t over-saturate your hair, use moderate amount of solution. Blow-dry your hair using medium heat until your locks are completely dry. Use the flat iron on each section for 4-12 times (according to what hair texture you want to achieve - either straight or wavy). Then rinse your hair once again, apply bonding product and finish your hairstyle.

It’s worth mentioning that some stylists use the “dry method”, which presupposes blow drying your hair after washing it and then applying the treatment onto dry hair.

The whole Brazilian blowout procedure usually takes 1,5-2 hours according to your hair length and density.

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