Generally, a keratin treatment lasts about 12 weeks but it depends on a customer’s hair type.

If you wash your hair too often and forget to use proper supports products, you will need to get another keratin treatment very soon. You should also keep it in your mind, that the procedure has a cumulative effect, so the more treatments you get, the longer the results last.

When should I get a keratin treatment? It is advisable to get 2-3 keratin treatments per year. It’s better to get it before summer and winter. Needless to say, in summer heat and humidity make your hair frizz. As for winter, hair also becomes dry and fragile, so a keratin treatment can help you solve these problems by making your hair healthy and glossy again.

How long should I wait between treatments? Everything depends on a customer’s hair type and preference. But most people like getting a keratin treatment every 3-6 months.

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