Why so many blondes feel enthusiastic about the keratin straightening procedure? Not only because of the amazing straightening and mirror shine of the hair. It's all about the hair color. Keratin straightening compositions often contain a blue pigment, thanks to which the hair of brunettes gets a beautiful even shade, and blondes get rid of unwanted yellowness and brassy shades. Such an effect lasts longer than the effect provided by the purple shampoo!

Our Amazonliss keratin treatment is a perfect way not just to tame your rebellious hair but to give it luxurious platinum shade. Jennifer Laurence, Rosie Huntington - Whiteley, Cara Delevigne - we bet you love the cool blonde shades that these Hollywood divas have.

In addition, keratin is a great remedy for dry, porous, brittle and rebellious hair. We know that blondes understand what we are talking about. By the way, the phenomena of weak blonde (even natural) hair have a scientific explanation: brown

and black hair initially contains more keratin, because light hair easily reflects the sunshine, but dark hair doesn’t have such an opportunity, so there is much more keratin for protection from sun rays in it. This means that the blonde hair naturally needs the keratin replenishment. The best option for it is our Amazonliss. Try it out and make sure yourself!

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