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Scalp detox - why is it so necessary for all residents of a megapolis

You‘ve probably never heard of a scalp detox before, thus you have no idea what the purposes of such an important treatment are. If you live in a big city, you definitely have to read this article that will surely surprise you with some unexpected facts about the connection between big city ecology and the health of your scalp and hair. Keep on reading!

Living in megapolis definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Everybody knows the positive sides of being a city resident but what about the adverse effects of it? Industrial enterprises and transport are the main sources of urban environmental pollution with heavy metals and their compounds: lead, cadmium, copper, etc. People living in an area with a high anthropogenic load on the environment have a high content of cadmium and lead in their hair. Due to the heavy toxic pollution, there a lot of dust on their scalp as well.

Nowadays many professional haircare lines have special scalp detox products that are aimed at cleaning the scalp from all the dirt and dust particles. Remember that the beauty of your hair starts from the health of your scalp. Quite often such scalp detox products are produced in the form of an emulsion. Apply it before using shampoo. Emulsion cleans the scalp from environmental pollution and dandruff particles. This product is perfect for stressed, oily, or dandruff scalp.

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