Nourished and moisturized hair is a dream of many women, however, many of them believe that decent hair care costs a fortune. Luckily, this is not so, as in today’s world many simple and natural treatments can make your hair super healthy and shiny!
We recommend trying Amazonliss Tanino - this is a natural keratin treatment without formaldehyde! There are not many keratin treatments without formaldehyde on the market, so we are glad that we have such a product! It’s a 100% formaldehyde-free treatment that will make your hair silky (even heat-damaged hair!). Besides, forget about poisoning fumes and nasty smells: just enjoy your nice procedure at its fullest! Amazonliss Tanino isn’t allergic and won’t cause any irritation or make your eyes water. The effect of this innovative treatment lasts up to 3 months.
What makes up Amazonliss Tanino? Well, this product is a combination of keratin and 24 amino acids. Together these ingredients can be met only in taninoplastia hair treatment. The key ingredient of this product is tannins, which originated from Tamarindus. Tamarindus is a leguminous tree, indigenous to tropical Africa. Tannins are beneficial in many ways; they treat, moisturize, and protect hair.
Amazonliss Tanino is suitable for all hair types: we guarantee maximum care and the best result. No more heat-damaged hair or dead hair ends!

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