The idea of ​​the simultaneous restoration and straightening of hair made the procedure ultra popular. The essence of care is to saturate the hair with liquid keratin and other beneficial substances that help to improve the quality of and to straighten the strands.

Keratin straightening is temporary and, unlike permanent procedures, does not change the hair structure. Liquid keratin envelops the hair, penetrating damaged areas and sealing them. This occurs under the influence of high temperature, at which keratin coagulates and turns into an elastic protective sheath. After the procedure, the hair becomes noticeably smoother and shinier. Strands of hair are not "confused" after washing, they are easier to comb and they look well-groomed, as if you had just left the salon. The difference after the “keratin hair straightening” procedure is always very noticeable before and after, and the effect lasts up to three months, depending on the type of hair and subsequent care.

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