Nowadays, especially considering pandemic, more and more people spend their time browsing the web. It can be very beneficial, especially for salon owners, who need to develop a successful social media strategy in order to promote their salon. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to turn those internet surfers into your clients by using social media to market your salon!
Many small salons can be overwhelmed with the idea of marketing their business on social media. However, don’t be afraid! It’s much simpler than it seems, being an effective way of communicating with both your current and potential clients. All you have to do is to increase awareness of your services and maintain the loyalty of your existing clients who can prove that your salon is worth visiting!
It doesn’t matter if you have many social media accounts in different channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or if you preferred to concentrate on just one outlet, anyway your salon needs to have an online presence.
If you still don’t have any social media account for your salon and only plan to start one, we recommend you try Facebook first. It’s the perfect platform to share your services, post photos of your stylists’ works, or even make giveaways, which will definitely boost your salon’s popularity and attract many potential clients.
Your Facebook message can be as long as you want it, as it’s not limited by character length as in the case of Twitter. Besides, Facebook provides you with more space for important factual information that your clients can read than image-led Instagram. If you would like to promote your salon on social media, Facebook is the best and the most convenient way of doing it!

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