Are you sure that you wash your thin hair right? Hair wash is the most essential hair care procedure that each person does several times a week, however, still, not many ladies with thin know how to do it right! Thin hair tends to break, thus, it’s important to follow several rules! Which ones? Find them all out in today’s article!


Thin hair is fragile hair. When washing, it’s necessary to gently foam the shampoo in the root zone, and then distribute the foam along the entire length of the hair with massage movements. After that, be sure to use a conditioner or a balm. This stage is often ignored by many ladies, since there is a myth that conditioners weigh down thin hair. However, it’s not true. Today there are special lines for the care of such hair!


For example, one of such lines is Amazonliss Home Care kit! These anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner have an exclusive formula with Amazon Natural Ingredients including Acai+Cocoa! Together they effectively work for the restoration and strengthening of the hair, providing anti-frizz action and extending the smooth effect of the keratin treatment. 


Another important stage of working with thin hair is combing. First you need to dry your hair with a towel or a hair dryer. It’s recommended to start combing from the hair ends. This technique simplifies combing and prevents tangling.

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