Nutree Cosmetics - Feb 15, 2023

Superfood masks from Nutree - new products that are worth trying!

Do you know what superfood means? If you still don’t, it’s no big deal! We are here to tell you everything about these superhero products and show our newest masks that include such precious components! Forget about dead hair ends - frizz free hair is what you’ll get!

Superfood is a term that is used to refer to a product that has unique properties. Its superpowers are provided by a chemical composition that includes vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances. Trust us: superfoods can even eliminate the cause of hair breakage!

That’s why we decided that it would be great to include such products into our newest hair masks! What’s so special about our Super Hair Food Banana and Cocoa mask?

Ingredients are the key!

  • Banana - potassium, which is contained in large quantities in bananas, makes banana hair masks an excellent product to fight the dryness of locks. Potassium not only moisturizes the hair from the outside, but also maintains the necessary moisture level inside!
  • Cocoa - the use of cocoa for hair provides hydration from the roots to the ends. This product is able to make every strand soft and shiny - just like your fave hair keratin! This product is especially well suited for unruly curls, as well as for brittle strands weakened by chemical procedures and dyeing (owners of damages bleached hair - we know how hard it is to care for such locks!

Nutree Super Hair Food Banana and Cocoa mask

Super natural ingredients for a super effect - isn’t it a dream came true?